Janos Starker and Michael Bach in Conversation

I am publishing this post in memory of my teacher Janos Starker who died on April 28, 2013.



December 11, 2000

Conservatoire de Musique de Genève, Grande Salle


34  Starker -
photo: Michael Bach Bachtischa


Janos Starker: Ja, you can play chords. How do you hold the bow?

Michael Bach: Well, I have different kinds of bows, so, this is one of it, and I hold it like that.

JS: Oh - my word …

MB: Yep. (plays the beginning of 3 Pitches, 21 Sounds  )

JS: (interrupts) OK, you can play three strings together. How does it work with the Suites, with the Sarabandes?

MB: Yes, as I said, I have different kinds of bows - I simply change the bows. This bow is actually designed for contemporary music - I mean, the music which doesn’t exist until now.

JS: So, you can write the kind of music for the cello which, before you, couldn’t be realized?

MB: Exactly. So, this is another kind of bow.

JS: (to the audience) So, for all the people who are here I will declare: I open my mind! (laughter)

MB: You have an open mind - because you pay attention …

JS: I open it, I open it … (laughter)

(MB plays the first part of the Sarabande in C major)

JS: Now - it sounds very good (applause) - but, I’m so happy, that there is a good cellist with the bow- so, that helps. - But, what I’m not quite sure - that in - in case of using the BACH.Bow - wouldn’t it be a better  idea to use it with a - baroque cello?

MB: Well - (more…)


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