Lorin Maazel and Michael Bach in Conversation


This is a translation of the post „Lorin Maazel und Michael Bach im Gespräch “ by James Higgins.


Michael Bach

I am publishing this, along with a sound recording, in memory of Lorin Maazel, who died on 13th of July 2014. It is intended to document our meeting held at Gasteig, Munich, along with Andreas Röhn, on 7th of September 1999, when we discussed the BACH.Bow.

Lorin Maazel had become interested in my curved bow when he witnessed my first working session with Mstislaw Rostropowitsch in Berlin in 1998. At the time, he himself was directing his own „Music for Violoncello and Orchestra” in the Berlin Philharmonic concert hall.

My demonstration of the curved bow in Munich was the first occasion on which Lorin Maazel was able to react to this innovation in instrumental technique: and for that reason it marks a historical stage in the development of the BACH.Bogen, especially as two years later I introduced the new model in Paris, which replaced the previous version and is in use today.

On the name ‚Lorin Maazel I composed a piece called „3 Pitches, 11 Sounds” (2000) for violin with curved bow.


Michael Bach: If you wish you can also play one single line, just one voice, with the bow hairs relatively loose. And this gives of course

[demonstrating on the cello]

a different sound.

Lorin Maazel: So, of course – what can I say? One must try it out!

And, it is a question whether I could keep two curved bows at home for some I do not know, how long I will be in Munich I stay in Munich another 5 days and in (more…)


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