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    • Paolo Vettori  1988


      Gutachten Vettori 1Gutachten Vettori 2Vettori Cello Decke 1993Vettori Cello Boden

      Rostro-Bach-Kronberg-1997 Rostro-Bach-Amsterdam Rostro- Amsterdam ONE8 and 15STRINGS-Die Zeit 1994 Bach-Pearson-Köln 1992 BACH.Bogen-1998 Starker-Genf-2000  






      Armando Piccagliani  1929

      Piccagliani frontPiccagliani backPiccagliani sidePiccagliani scrollPiccagliani label signature



      For more information on cellos for sale, please contact the Atelier BACH.Bogen



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