Introduction to Curved Bow for String Instruments


in 8 videos by and with

Michael Bach, Violoncello with BACH.Bogen


Video: Renate Hoffleit

Translation: Dr. Marshall Tuttle



J. S. Bach, Suite in G-major, Menuett I and II

Development of the BACH.Bogen, prototypes,

drawings, plans. Fundamentals of playing technique with the new frog




Niccoló Paganini, Caprice (1828)

John Cage, ONE8 (1991)

John Cage and Michael Bach Bachtischa, ONE13 (1992)

Dieter Schnebel, With These Hands (1992)

The highly curved BACH.Bogen




J. S. Bach, Chaconne in d minor

J. S. Bach, Suite in d minor, Sarabande

Handling chords with the gently curved BACH.Bogen




J. S. Bach, Suite in G major, Prélude, Allemande, Sarabande

Differentiated chord treatments




J. S. Bach, Suite in G major, Courante, Gigue

Monophonic playing and short note values




J. S. Bach, Suite in G major, Prélude, Allemande

Changing Strings




Michael Bach Bachtischa, locus amoenus (2014)

Various curved bow techniques with the highly curved BACH.Bogen




The Curved Bow

historical context and new compositional challenges